Sell A7GT-BUS2 ,"A7GT-BUS2", LCD Screen Display Panel,used/Substitute/Compatible/Repair

Price: US $72.74 / piece
Prices are subject to change based on order quantity, please contact us to determine the final price.
Shipping: US $9.99-15.99 to the world via ePacket
Estimated Delivery Time:10-30 days
- +  piece (In stock)
Return Policy: Returns accepted if product not as described or is not working properly, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with seller.
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Price US $72.74 / piece
Prices are subject to change based on order quantity, please contact seller to determine the final price.
Shipping US $9.99-15.99 to the world via ePacket
Estimated Delivery Time:10-30 days
- +  piece (In stock)

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Product Description

This is a used product.

We will test this product before shipment to ensure that the buyer can use it normally, including normal display, no lines, no liquid leakage, backlight can be bright, and so on.

The old and new used products are generally controlled at 80% or more, and they look very new. If the product is special, we will send a photo to the buyer to confirm if the request is reached.

Because the use environment of industrial products is quite special, sellers of second-hand products can only provide a 7-day warranty (calculated from the date of receipt of the express delivery). If the quality requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to purchase a brand new product.

Due to changes in the LCD production process and the circuits/ICs of different batches of products, there may be changes, but the sizes, screens, interfaces, and screw holes of the new and old products are basically the same. Unless otherwise specified, just connect the new module exactly as the old product technical standard.
There may be big differences between different batches of products of the same model, causing the equipment to not work normally. Before purchasing, it is recommended that buyers take photos of the front and back of the LCD screen to our engineers for confirmation to avoid product inconsistencies.

Special Note:According to the notification from the international express company, many countries and regions around the world are now affected by pneumonia virus. The countries and regions directly reduce flights, or the courier personnel are temporarily closed, so it may take more time than usual.

*R1:Support countries and regions
United States,United Kingdom,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,Australia,Belgium,Czech Republic,Denmark,Ireland,Netherlands,Sweden, Hungary,Lithuania,Latvia,Portugal,Slovenia,Slovakia,Luxembourg,Ukraine

*R2:Remote area fees
Use DHL, UPS, FedEx and other large national express companies.If the buyer's delivery location is in a remote area, the courier company will charge an additional 35USD fee. Buyers need to make up.

When the buyer receives the LCD screen, connect the LCD screen according to the pins 1-14, 1-16, 1-20, etc. After power on, if the display effect is very light or very dark, it can be seen from the side of the LCD screen Pattern, then only need to adjust the potentiometer (adjustable resistance) to change the display effect.General potentiometers are roughly classified as follows:

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